Light Up Action, LLC

LAST HALLOWEEN, AS the stream of TRICK OR TREATERS made their way to our front door I had an idea-

I grabbed my LED Basketball , lit up my portable basketball net (hoop) with led rope lights, and stood ready in our driveway. When the kids approached, I bounced the LED Basketball in their direction and instantly the impact activated LED's inside the basketball would LIGHT UP on the first bounce. Their eyes followed the brightly glowing ball in amazement as it bounced into their hands. Next thing I knew kids were scrambling heroically, trying to grab rebounds, while holding onto their trick or treat bags! The LIGHT UP ACTION could be seen for blocks and word spread quickly. More and more kids gathered wanting to take a shot with that cool Light Up Basketball. It went on for hours, even after we ran out of candy. That night I changed "trick or treat' into "take a trick shot and have a treat"!

After experiencing the excitement generated by my LED Basketball and hearing from so many parents and friends that wanted one of their own, I decided to go into business...and that's how Light Up Action started.